The Design Sciences Hub is a research, design and innovation hub on a mission to provide answers towards the most challenging and wicked urban problems of our time.

We bring innovation by using the power of design. DSH is the bridge between the academic world and designers.

The core is valorization of academic knowledge in the fields of urban development and architecture, spatial planning and mobility.

We prefer to work in a collaborative setting with partners from academia, government, industry and civil society. Only by combining the expertise from these worlds, the systemic change we aim for is feasible. Together with the client DSH works out a tailor-made partnership, process and methodology. Our unique position in the University of Antwerp gives us the possibility to build a matching multidisciplinary expert team for the concrete question or more abstract challenge the clients brings along.

We work as an ecosystem at the Beacon, as part of the UAntwerpen core valorization team of metropolitanism and in close collaboration with University of Antwerp Faculty of Design Sciences and other University of Antwerp research units, among which:

The Design Sciences Hub team: