Debate: Future Urban Health

Live - Opening Debate of Future Urban Health @ Stadsform

Opening Debate

The Design Sciences Hub of the University of Antwerp launched its virtual exhibition 'Future Urban Health' on February 23 in collaboration with Stadsform. What if the city can make us healthier? What if the hospital is divided into super-efficient health hubs that are accessible to everyone? What role will technology play in the healthcare of the future? In short: How can innovation make the city we live in better? Over the past year, scientists from the Design Science Hub have been working on these and other questions from their 'Blue Sky Studio'. This thinking resulted through a multidisciplinary approach in the virtual expo (

During this opening debate, Silvia Lenaerts (Vice Rector UAntwerp) and professors Alexander D'Hooghe, Sven Verbruggen and Maarten Weyn entered into a dialogue and show you the way through the exhibition. The whole thing will be moderated by Jana Deforche (director of Design Sciences Hub).