Sustainable logistic parks

Sustainable logistic parks

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DSH is working with partners VIL, VITO and Vlakwa on this knowledge-sharing project funded by Vlaio

The overall goal of this project is to achieve a breakthrough in the field of integral sustainability of logistics and mixed-use business parks, starting from the current initial situation and taking into account the European and Flemish policy objectives. In order to break through 'business as usual' patterns and take meaningful steps towards the logistics business park of the future, a clear, holistic vision for the longer term (2040) will be developed, and activating transition scenarios will be drawn up that outline the path towards this future vision. DSH brings expertise around spatial planning, mobility and biodiversity.

  • Team:
    • Maarten Van Acker (Promotor)
    • Joris Beckers (Co-promotor)
    • Raf Ilsbroekx (Co-promotor)
    • Frederik Vandyck (Co-promotor)
    • Guy Vloebergh (Co-promotor)
    • Geert De Blust (Co-promotor)
    • Dirk Lauwers (Co-promotor)
  • Period:
    • 01/01/2024 — 30/06/2026   (ongoing)
    • VIL
    • VITO
    • Vlakwa
    • Vlaio