Liveability around Antwerp ring road

Liveability around Antwerp ring road

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Maximising liveability around the Antwerp ring road

Within the framework of the tunnelling of the Antwerp ring road, Lantis strives to improve the liveability in the vicinity of the R1. Rather than only focussing on air quality, they broaden the scope by also aiming at noice pollution and urban heat. However, this task is highly challenging, especially for ring road segments which are not suitable to tunnel or at tunnel exits. Therefore, Lantis requested the support and expertise of DSH. Within a three-year agreement, DSH has three main tasks: (1) to act as a neutral partner and to align demands of third parties and citizen movements, (2) to initiate further projects and collaborations specifically focussed on improving liveability in the ring road area within the expertise of the University of Antwerp and (3) to detect knowledge gaps and to align new and ongoing research with the planned timeframe of the ongoing R1 tunnelling project. The coordination of the project is carried out by Liaison Officer Dimitri Voordeckers, who is the central contact point for any questions related to the project.

  • Team:
    • Maarten Van Acker (Promotor)
    • Siegfried Denys (Co-promotor)
    • Dimitri Voordeckers (Research Fellow)
  • Period:
    • 2023 — 2026   (ongoing)
    • Ringland
    • Straten-Generaal
    • Ademloos
    • Stad Antwerpen
    • Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij
    • Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer
    • AG Vespa
    • Team Intendant