Spacial governance model Rupel region

Spacial governance model Rupel region

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Together with the Vlaams Bouwmeester, DSH is working on a spatial governance model for the Rupel region on behalf of the Flemish government.

The area-based integrated approach works on three tracks: (i) long-term narrative/perspective, (ii) short-term individual concrete projects, and (iii) communication and support generation.
Through conversations with stakeholders, a coalition for this regional spatial journey is being built. An atlas with project scan will define the role of the Flemish master builder in this trajectory. The atlas will indicate how the 30 defined projects in the Rupel region will be spatially embedded and possible conflicts and synergies will be mapped. A broad stakeholder workshop will test draft variants of the process architecture for area-oriented policy. In this way, a spatial governance model for the Rupel region will be drawn up together with the stakeholders.

  • Team:
    • Tom Coppens (Promotor)
    • Guy Vloebergh (Co-promotor)
    • Raf Ilsbroekx (Co-promotor)
    • Frederik Vandyck (Co-promotor)
  • Period:
    • 01/01/2024 — 30/03/2024   (ongoing)
    • Vlaams Bouwmeester
    • Flanders Technology & Innovation
    • Vlaamse overheid Departement cultuur, sport, media
    • Vlaamse Overheid Departement Omgeving
    • Provincie Antwerpen
    • gemeente Boom
    • Gemeente Rumst
    • Gemeente Willebroek
    • Stad Mechelen
    • Nationaal Park Scheldevallei
    • Regionaal landschap Schelde-Durme
    • Toerisme Vlaanderen
    • Thomas Moore Hogeschool
    • We Are One World
    • Flanders Technology & Innovation